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How To Get Enough Calories On A Vegan Diet? 

The greatest challenge of vegans is how to get enough calories on a vegan diet? Yet, plant-based diets, especially vegan diets, are beneficial for your health, for animals, and the environment. The primary fear of going all vegan is a calorie deficit and nutritional deficiency….

Lifestyle, Nutrition

How to Start A Whole Food Plant-Based Diet 

What’s the hype about plant-based foods? How to start a whole food plant-based diet? Is it another name for vegan diets? Do I need to leave behind meat and other non-vegan foods? Nutritionist proclaims the tremendous health benefits of plant-based foods. Ultimately, promoting your mental…

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10 Amazing Benefits of Online Learning for Adults 

The benefits of online learning for adults are countless. Instead, online education brings convenience to the student’s learning process. As per a 2017 National Adult Learner Coalition (NALC) report, around 38% higher education students fail to complete their education due to family commitment, social bindings,…