Aromatherapy signifies healing powers and now, you MUST learn how to make your own essential oils!

Aromatherapy has taken the medicinal world by storm, it’s an art based on the extraction of concentrated oils from the aromatic plants. Over 700 plant species are utilized for essential oil extraction.

Undoubtedly, essential oils are quite costly to invest in!

What if I tell you that you can prepare the essential oils within the comforts of your home?

Yes, using the distillation process, you can start extracting the essential oils from the aromatic plant species around the house.

Scent Sticks Fragrance Aromatic Aroma Aromatherapy

Be it as minor as a headache or as severe as depression, essential oils are the elixirs of life that naturally treat your psychological and physical ailment. Not only that, essential oils for skin care, hair care, manicure, and pedicure are the most perfecting solutions to all your ‘personal care’ issues.

But, different essential oils have different effects and are available to be used as topical, massage oils, or for inhaling the scents to cure the day-to-day problems.

Investing in each one is costlier than getting the medicines, then why not learn to make essential oils at home using a simple method?

Step-by-Step Method of Essential Oil Extraction:

The method is time-taking, but really simply to carry out. Here’s the secret recipe of extracting essential oils within the comforts of your home:

Step 1: Place the Botanicals in Your Ceramic Crock: If you don’t have a crock, you can get one or simply use a glass container instead. Avoid usage of metallic containers.

Fill up the crock with 100% pure olive oil and place the botanicals completely dipped in it. You can use lavender, chives, basil, or whichever fresh herb you’ve grown in your garden for oil extraction.

Step 2: Properly Cook the Mixture: Cover up the pot with cheesecloth to avoid any bugs from blending in the aromatic oil. Cook the mixture well for a while. Afterward, let it sit for one to two days.

Step 3: Strain it Gently: Take a strainer and strain the mixture properly. Strain it over another bowl. Press the botanicals to get all the oils extracted out of them. Once you are sure of extracting all the oils, you can take a step further.

high angle photo of person pouring liquid from bottle inside mortar and pestle

Step 4: Repeat the Cycle: It’s a lengthy cycle, but you will have to repeat it by filling the crock again with freshly strained oil, and adding a botanical to it. Let it cook, then let it sit for 24 to 48 hours, and then you can strain the oil.

Once you have achieved the intensity of fragrance you wish to have, you can stop repeating the cycle. Otherwise, repeat it one more time to have high concentration of oils extracted from the botanicals.

Is Home-Prepared Essential Oil Any Different from the Purchased Essential Oil?

Yes, the oils extracted at home have quite a small concentration of the botanical’s essential oils.  The purchased ones contain high concentration of essential oils. Basically, they use distillation or steaming process that are quite difficult to carry out at home.

Nevertheless, it’s best to start preparing the medicinal oils at home; that are, otherwise, quite expensive.

Why Do I Recommend You To Learn to Make Essential Oils?

Are you an insomniac? Do you have anxiety? Do you face trouble falling asleep? Or is it depression that’s trapping your mind? Give a chance to aromatic scents to heal your mind, body and soul.

Essential oils have a variety of applications for mental and physical ailments:

  • Improved memory and focus
  • Enhanced cognitive functions
  • Improved moods
  • Boosted energy levels
  • Physiological application

Being honest with you, do you really wish to throw all those OTC medicines out? Isn’t it relieving to know that you can heal yourself with the natural herbs and botanicals?

Not only would you be throwing away those medicines for healing processes, you would also use the essential oils everywhere around the house.

Aroma Basil Spices Green White Essential Herbal

Moreover, the expensive skincare products are stuffed with chemicals that create further skin troubles for you. Why not turn to organic products and natural treatments? Zero skin problems!

Just give a try to the best essential oils for skin care once, it’ll magically heal and repair your skin at such a deeper level that skin problems wouldn’t be in question anymore!

The costly essential oils are no more non-affordable. Prepare it at home and start using it by adding them in bath bombs, soaps, candles, and other DIY projects for home.

If you have a career as a massage therapist, you can learn to induce essential oils with the help of carrier oils. The fine molecular structure of oils makes it feasible to reach to the bloodstream and create the desired effects immediately.

After all, when tricks of acupressure and aromatherapy are brought together, it soothes the soul, improves energy, hastens a good night’s sleep, and reduces stress.

Can You Use Essential Oils Freely At Home?

No, you cannot. Essential oils are required in teensy quantities, especially if they are the purchased ones. Even the homemade essential oils must be used in specific quantities.

For example, if you have the best essential oil for skin care but you are unaware of the quantity of usage and method of application, it can cause an adverse effect or reaction.

If the oils are used in excessive quantity, even a little bit extra, you’d not be able to achieve the desired healing effects and it may cause irritation on the skin.

Moreover, you also need to know the correct usage of each essential oil for different purposes. There are several methods of using essential oils for healing purposes. It’s highly recommended to not only rely on the internet information, but consult the professionals.

How to Learn the Art of Using Essential Oils?

Aromatherapy offers natural healing methods of the booming wellness industry. It introduced holistic medicinal treatments through inhalation of concentrated natural oils or topical application, water immersion, or massage, etc.

To learn the art of using aromatic essential oils, you must consider taking an online course. I would recommend you to take ‘Aromatherapy Certification’ course to learn how to make essential oils at home through blending scents. You can also learn:

  1. About over 30 essential oils, their usage and application—the do’s and don’ts
  2. The specific protocols of how to use essential oils for therapeutic purposes (including the procedure of preparation of massage oils, creams, and lotions.
  3. How to conduct aromatherapy consultation, and how to thrive in your personal business, the upsides and downsides to it.
  4. To prepare the best essential oils for skin care, hair care, headaches, migraine, depression, stress-reduction, insomnia, and what not!
Bath Oil Oil Lavender Fragrant Oil Ethereal

The certification encouraged me to embark on the voyage of ‘aromatherapy specialization’. The course covers all the essential information to let you decide if it’s a good match for you or not!

You can also master the art of aromatherapy for personal care and your family. Prevent dis’ease’ within the comforts of your home instead of using the OTC medicines. Infuse your bodies with the magic of herbs and aromatherapy that was discovered by the ancient people.

You can also learn to take care of yourself in a better way if you know the right essential oil for skin care, body massage, and sleep therapy.

How to Become an Aromatherapist?

Aromatherapy is a flourishing business that’s replacing the medicinal healing processes. It offers a non-invasive relief to the patients with physical or mental ailments.

Aromatherapy is more than a business, rather it’s a service to the community by providing them with organic, naturally-produced therapeutic oils. An aromatherapist has to learn to formulate products and the art of scent blending.

Aromatherapists do not require any official certification or degree program, but only a certification from an accredited school. Online schools train the students by making them practice aromatherapy and even include different methods of preparing and formulating essential oils and their mixtures.

On a brighter side, certified aromatherapists are greatly demanded because people have taken a turn towards the ancient natural remedies.

Become a certified aromatherapist after attending a course of at-least 200 hours that equips with the required knowledge of preparation, usage, blending of essential oils for physical and mental wellness.

Aromatherapy Certification

Potential Career in Aromatherapy:

Skincare Coconut Oil Therapy Exotic Treatment Spa

You can opt for a number of positions as an aromatherapist:

  1. Spa consultant/practitioner
  2. Product designer
  3. Aromatherapy consultant
  4. Retail specialist
  5. Aromatherapy educator
  6. Hospice/Palliative care
  7. Therapeutic product line development
  8. Healthcare practitioner

Salary Range Expectations for Aromatherapists:

The growing industry of alternative approaches of natural healing to promote health have led to an increased demand of therapeutic aromatherapists.

For aromatherapists, there are a wide range of opportunities or positions to choose from to get proper training. Instead if you are certified by the professionals, you don’t need the training anymore.

Whether you are part of spas or holistic wellness centers, aromatherapy boutique, or a massage therapist, an estimated salary range according to NAHA is between $15,000 to $60,000 per year.1

Over time, your expertise and experience gains more clients and better opportunities will knock at your door.

Final Verdict

If you are someone who is obsessed with scents for their impressive effects on our mind, aromatherapy is the right path for you!

Become an aromatherapist by taking up a holistic aromatherapy course. Learn how to make your own essential oils at home. Simply, start off by receiving the aromatherapy certification to join the growing clan of wellness and healing.

Let us know in the comments about your experience with aromatherapy and it’s healing effects. We’re excited to hear from you.