Do you want to learn how to take good pictures on the iPhone? Do you want to capture incredible photos and breathtaking moments from your handy iPhone camera that’s there in your pocket all the time?

But, wait, what could be more perfect than a DSLR, a proper photography gear and a complicated photo editing software? Trust me, it’s a hurdle to your creativity and unique perspective to capture anything within the spur of a moment.

Huh, carrying that bulky photography gear is a mess! Setting up, settling up, and the excitement is gone. What’s left? Fake moments and fake smiles!

Is iPhone Photography a Real Photography?

Mastery of photography depends upon the eye of the photographer, but where does he really find the true beauty? Although DSLR cameras and the editing software are superior; but, what matters most for capturing day-to-day moments is a creative vision and a unique perspective.

woman using iphone in front of seawater and show us how to take good pictures on the iphoneWithout a good photographer, no camera can do miracles! Simply learn the right techniques and right knowledge to bring the best out of a cellphone camera.

Do you want to learn how to take photos on iPhone? You can master iPhone Photography to capture better pictures without a DSLR. Take it beyond the usual, simple pictures; and pave your way to observe the beauty surrounding you up closely. Moreover, with exceptional pictures arrives more confidence!

How to Take Photos on iPhone?

You are the RIGHT PLACE if you wish to learn how to take great pictures with a cell phone-even if it’s not an iPhone.

1. Keep it Simple and Focused

A singular subject, non-messy background (preferably plain or single toned), and a focused picture makes a great photo.

Beginners often make the mistake of overstuffing their photos with unending details that the picture loses its meaning. Rather it’s a chaos around us.

For a beautiful composition, a busy street scene wouldn’t suffice. You MUST focus on a singular subject.

Freely create an empty or negative space to highlight the subject.

2. Capture it From a Lower Angle

Mastery of photography depends highly upon the perspective. A perfect answer to how to take great pictures from a cellphone is to shoot it from a different angle, preferably low.

Basically, taking the shot from a lower angle helps you to bring the subject in the limelight with sky in the backdrop.

3. Create A Sense of Depth

Follow the leading lines, especially in landscape photography, to create that desired depth in your photos. Capture the leading lines of roads, ripples of water, water edges, etc. to achieve that endlessness.

To highlight a particular subject, using an archway or tree boughs as a frame will help you click the perfect pic.

4. Observe Closely

selective focus photo of person taking photo of trees during daytime representing how to take great pictures with a cell phoneLearn the techniques of playing with camera focus buttons is utmost. Capture that newborn baby’s smile, a flower’s petals, a leaf’s patterns, etc. from up close.

The close-up image allows the onlooker to see what they never pay attention to-the hidden beauty around them.

5. Silhouette, Shadows, and Reflections Are Intriguing

We have curious minds, and half-truths can intrigue us in a minute. Silhouette, shadows, and reflections against the bright lights are stunning when captured from the right distance, right angle, and right position.

It’s super-easy to create beauty and interest in your subject. Sunset and Sunrise or Artificial light bulbs are all workable solutions to creating shadows or silhouette.

Water makes a great surface for reflections, or you can utilize mirrors to create an effect of ‘longing’ and ‘passion’.

6. Keep it Symmetrical

tilt-shift lens photography of smartphone captured fish-eye lens photograph photo of people crossing on pedestrian laneSymmetry is essential to create a striking image. Keep both the halves of a picture similar or balanced. Imagine you subject to be standing in the middle of a road where one side is crowded and the other half is almost empty. Wouldn’t it distract the onlooker from the subject?

Utilize the option of grid lines to achieve a perfect symmetry and for correct placement of the subject.

7. Employ the Rule of Thirds

While using the gridlines, ensure that the subject is off of the central lines. Make the subject remain on one side to create more space and room for motion within the picture. Do you understand why selfies taken from the front, especially the pictures of an ID CARD, are so boring and hideous.

8. Lighting is Important

Lighting is the most important aspect of a photograph. However, it needs to be adjusted fairly to set color, direction, or harshness of the light upon the subject. However, it’s better to avoid using flash of your phone; instead, opt for natural lighting or a ring light on your phone.

9. Blur the Backdrop

Blurring the surroundings is quite an old strategy to increase the focus on the subject. Tap onto your subject to adjust the focus point. You can capture it both ways-from a far or up close.

10. Learn the iPhone Features and Techniques

If you are really passionate about iPhone photography, you must take up a course to learn the basic features. iPhone cameras can prove to be better than a DSLR once you understand how to use it.

As it turns out, most iPhone users aren’t aware of the hidden camera features of their cellphone. That’s why, it’s recommended to take up a course to guide you through the technicalities of a perfect picture. You can also come across a few professional photo editing software to learn how to edit a photo on the iPhone.

Benefits of Becoming an iPhone Photographer

Photography is a hobby that almost everyone enjoys. It reminds me of ‘Leisure’ by William Davies where people have ‘no time to stand and stare’.woman walking near dirt road between mountain range during daytime and holding iPhone while taking photo of mountain representing how to take photos on iphone

  • Photography, in all its forms, makes you appreciate the beauty of life.
  • You can learn how to edit a photo on the iPhone that’ll help you with graphic designing and related professions.
  • iPhone photography would make you a Pro at photography if you are a student; thus, you can pursue your career as a professional photographer later on.
  • Photographers are always wanted at the gatherings, events, and picture-perfect family moments. Wouldn’t it be fun to bring smiles on everyone’s faces?
  • Photography is linked with traveling, blogging, tourism, and a lot more professions. You might forget your DSLR gear, but not the iPhone. It’s a handy way to capture the memories to last forever with you.
  • You can be the talk of the town; and with some extraordinary understanding of pictures, you can earn a few initial clients too. Undoubtedly, it’s a great profession for youth who have forgotten to admire the beauty of life.
  • Great photos boost confidence and bring in all the showering praises from everyone.

Where to Get Started?

A photographer doesn’t need a degree, but an eye to see the beauty in everything. Not only that, but the tactics to capture the beauty in the MOST FLAWLESS manner.

With iPhones, it’s most convenient to kickstart your career if you wish to become a professional photographer. Undergrads or retired people can take it up as a hobby.

From a professional point of view, why don’t you start off with an online course such as ‘iPhone Photography: How to Take Pro Photos On Your iPhone’? It’s a highly recommended course that’s taught by Dale, an award-winning iPhone photographer, with 7 years of experience in photography and videography using iPhone. He reveals about his journey of avoiding bulky DSLR and still managing to capture stunning photographs.

What Will You Learn From iPhone Photography Course?

Dale not only trains you to capture the best with an iPhone, but with any other phone too. Get the answer to how to take great pictures with a cell phone. Here’s what’s in the bucket for you

  • How to take stunning photos by utilizing shot composition?
  • How to create depth in your photography?
  • How/Why the best photographers tell stories in the photos?
  • How to utilize surrounding light to properly light your subjects?
  • How to professionally edit your photos in light room on your iPhone?
  • How to optimize your iPhone camera settings for taking the best photos?

What’s the Best Part? It’s FREE! Skillshare offers you up to 2 months of free trial to learn the basics of how to take photos on iPhone before deciding upon the premium option.

Job Opportunities

group of people in street watching parade woman take a photo with her iphoneWhether you take it to a professional level or keep it as an Instagram tool; there are a million arenas to explore. Photographers are in-demand almost everywhere. After all, none wishes to miss out capturing their best moments as memories with them!

Product photography, model shoots, videography, nature photography, event coverage, food/beauty blog photos, and what not. Sell your best photos online on Shuttershock, Adobe stock, Etsy, etc.

The estimated salary range per year of a photographer is $28,000 to $65,000.

Final Verdict

Artists capture it with a paintbrush, and a photographer captures it with an iPhone. Rediscover your hidden talent by learning how to take good pictures on the iPhone.

As a beginner, young or old, you must start somewhere. Begin with a free course like iPhone Photography: How to Take Pro Photos On Your iPhone.

Are you a beginner or an expert? For the former, why don’t you take the first step? For the latter, share with us how you jumpstarted your career?