There’s something of beauty about knowing how to make a wedding cake. It’s the hallmark of every master baker’s career. But making your first cake can be quite intimidating, if not downright scary.

wedding cakesPerhaps you’ve baked a few simple birthday cakes for your family or friends and would like to graduate to sophisticated wedding cakes. Or, maybe you’re looking to take your baking skills to the next level before you open your own cake business.

We know the thought of making a wedding cake from scratch can be a bit nerve-wracking, but the whole process can be quite rewarding. And if you do it right, your cake will be quite a sight and will be loved by the bride and wedding guests.

However, before your match on your apron and paint your kitchen white in flour, read our tried-and-true tips on how to make a wedding cake that’s worthy of a magazine spread. We’ll cover what you need to do before, during, and after making the cake.

#1. Be Realistic

Let’s be honest; not everyone likes to bake or even cook. Do you love baking? Can you bake, and if yes, what’s your level of proficiency? How do your cakes look and taste? Are you a confident and collected baker?

These are some of the insider questions you need to ask yourself before you start thinking of making your own wedding cake. The good news is that anyone can learn to bake a cake, and there are many plausible reasons you want to learn this culinary art.

First of all, knowing how to make a wedding cake can come in especially handy, whether your big day is coming up, or a loved one is getting married soon. Being able to bake a beauty, mouth-watering wedding cake will simply knock their socks off. In fact, it can become your ultimate gift to the lucky couple.

That is by no means everything. This skill can also help you kick off your own bakery, baking class or cake business. Considering that Americans chow down 7 million cakes every year, wedding cakes are a lucrative and fulfilling business, particularly if you are good at it.

#2. Become a Pro: Take a Course on How to Make a Wedding Cake

The best part is that you don’t need to have a diploma, certificate or degree from a fancy culinary college to whip up elegant and sophisticated cakes. If you have a knack and passion for baking, all you have to do is take a tailored course such as Sophisticated Baking & Cake Design.

With a steady hand, this cutting-edge course can help you design and bake scrumptious masterpieces that look like something pulled straight from a wedding magazine. You will be taught all the ins and outs of cake design and decoration. Plus, the course itself is accredited by the International Council for Online Educational Standards (ICEOS) and taught by master bakers with decades of experience in the field.baking accessories

What you can expect to learn from this all-encompassing course include:

  • How to whip up delicious buttercream like a pro
  • How to decorate cakes for any occasion, from birthdays and graduation ceremonies to weddings and every cake-worthy event in between.
  • How to best display and showcase your work of art
  • How to decorate your cakes with fondant or icing
  • Learn tips on how to create cake petals or stars
  • How to pick and make myriads of cake designs
  • Learn which is right for your occasion, fondant or icing
  • How to superbly present and serve your masterpieces
  • How to embellish your cakes by adding design elements

You’ll find out the art and science, as well as the tools and techniques that specialists use to design, sculpt, and make heavenly tasting and breathtaking wedding cakes. It all happens online, which means you’ll learn everything you need to know how to make a wedding cake like a pro for a fraction of the cost of a traditional culinary school course.

Even better, this course will spruce up your CV and lead up to a lucrative career as a professional cake maker or decorator. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, cake bakers earn an average of $26,270 annually.

However you look at it, taking this course is a no-brainer. If you decide to use our link (here), you can get 81% off the price tag. That’s a lot of savings you’ll not get elsewhere! Don’t forget that this is a fully accredited course, an online training institution approved by TQUK.

#3. Practice, Practice, Practice

Practice to make a cakeThere’s a ton that goes into the process of making a wedding cake. Even a small mistake can ruin the whole thing and mess up the happy couple’s day. That’s the last thing you want, which is why you need to practice frequently to hone your baking skills and learn the dos & don’ts of making a wedding cake.

When practicing, cover all aspects of a wedding cake, from preparation to serving. Even if you have made a wedding cake 100 times before, a little practice will help you brush up on your decoration, design or baking skills.

Take it up a notch by shadowing a professional wedding cake maker, especially if this is your first time. With hands-on learning, you won’t have to stress on the wedding day about how the cake tastes, looks or whether it is uncooked in the middle.

When all’s said and done, you need to do at least one trial run before making the actual wedding. You can have the bride, bridal party, family or friends test it for you.

#4. Learn the Dos and Don’ts of Making a Wedding Cake

The world of cake making is always evolving. Tricks that worked for your grandma may not cut it today. It’s always best to learn what mistakes to avoid beforehand. Here are some top dos and don’ts that you need to be aware of:

  • Do get a cake knife
  • Don’t use an infusion of way too many flavors for a single cake
  • Do show the clients or couple your color swatches
  • Don’t use the wrong colors like red icing, turquoise frosting or indelible colors
  • Do consider the cake table, display and stand in the overall cake shape and design
  • Don’t forget to taste (and eat) the cake!

#5. Get Seriously Ready to Make the Cake!

Do as much prepping as you can in advance. Trying to shop for most if not all of the ingredients on the bake day is a big no-no. It would be better if you can make the cake sooner than later. Remember biscuit cakes, fruit cakes, etc. will stay fresh longer, which means they are ideal to be made several days before the big day.cake decoration

Here’s a shopping/item checklist that can come in handy:

  • Cake drums
  • Cake-making ingredients – flour, salt, sugar, corn starch, etc.
  • Icing ingredients or fondant
  • Pans for making wedding cakes
  • Parchment papers and cake boards
  • Dowels
  • Shortening
  • Cake coloring
  • Cake design templates (if you will need them)
  • Fondant supplies, board, and cutters
  • Cake flowers, figures, etc. (if required)

#6. Schedule your Caking Production

You have practiced, planned, shopped adequately, and you are now ready to design, bake and decorate your first wedding cake. Here’s a rundown of what you’ll need to do before, during and after the cake is made:

At Least Three (3) days before the Big Day:

  • Depending on the type of cake, you should bake it at least 3 days prior to the wedding day. This is particularly the cake if you are an amateur. Professional cake makers can wait until 2 days to the wedding.
  • Store your wedding cakes cool or chilled overnight

Two days before the Big Day:

  • Fill your cakes and coat them with crumbs
  • Wrap the cakes in plastic wrap and make sure they are entirely chilled
  • Collect prepared cake decorations. You can also color your fondant appropriately.

scheduler A Day before the Big Day

  • Apply fondant cover on the cakes
  • Stack your cakes after dowelling them
  • Decorate your cakes based on the design. This can also be done before you stack them.

During the Big Day

  • During the delivery, you can put last-minute touches, especially to the decorations.
  • It’s crucial the stay on top of the traffic situation and try to deliver early. As a general rule of thumb, you should deliver the cakes two to three hours prior to the beginning of the wedding ceremony.

#7. Keep it Simple

Your first wedding cake shouldn’t go over the tops. In other words, you don’t need to create something that’s too complex or elaborate. Leverage a well-known cake recipe that has been tried and tested. More importantly, it should be a recipe that you have tried successfully before.

#8. Get Help, If Necessary

Learning how to make a wedding cake is half the battle. The other half is actually making it happen, which isn’t exactly an easy walk in the park. Remember you’ll probably be entertaining out-of-town guests, making last-minute shopping, and whatnot.

You can easily get caught up in the motions of the build-up to the big day. That’s why it makes sense to enlist help from someone who knows how to make a wedding cake. Even someone to help you with shopping, washing, and cleaning can make a huge difference.

wedding cake#9. Free Up your Day

You need the whole day to get the wedding cake just right. First off, you will have to clear the kitchen off the clutter and make sure everything goes smoothly.

#10. Have a Back-Up Plan

Yes, you are now a master baker, and you think you know how to make a wedding cake. But mistakes do happen. Know which bakery sells the kind of cake you are planning to make as a back-up plan.

There you have it – 10 tips for how to make a wedding cake. Think we left something out? Have something to add? We’ll be glad to hear from you, so leave a comment.