Have you ever sit around all day and think to yourself “What a mess! How to declutter my house and get rid of all this?” If yes then you are exactly at the right spot to get the know-how of organizing your house and ultimately your life.

Your house, your furniture and all the things inside have massive effects over your life. Your mental, physical and emotional health greatly depends on it. A sorted house leads to a sorted mind and clear objectives. Whereas a messed up house will surely stress you out and keep you confused about other matters of your life.

Clutter room

Researches show that getting rid of all the unnecessary things in your house and organizing your belongings leads to a clear mind and better decisions. A lot of people have been asking how to declutter my house. That is sure indication of the amount of junk piled in our places. But you know what? Here’s a treat; learn to declutter your house right here. It is a simple online course to help you with your mess. It consists of simple guidelines and steps to go through the piles accumulated all over your house. Here are the reasons why you should opt for it now!

Benefits of getting rid of unnecessary things in your house:

Getting rid of extra stuff can really bring you a lot of advantages and help you have a more clear perspective on your life matters.

  1. Helps you get relieved of the feeling of being dazed.
  2. Gets you to manage time better.
  3. Helps you organize your thoughts.
  4. Makes you feel comfortable in front of your colleagues.
  5. Clears your head.
  6. Reduces your stress levels.
  7. Makes your house look spacious.
  8. Leaves behind less distraction so that you can get your things done.
  9. It gives you EXTRA savings! Stay tuned to find out how.
  10. You are left with more time for other activities.

Unsystematic house: out of order mind

Organizing your life is just so essential, or you can end up in emotional catastrophes. A messed up place can be led to much less productivity and creates distraction making hurdles in the way of completion of your routine tasks. You return home with the hope of finding calm and to have some rest. But when you return back to find a place that has been turned upside down by wreck-it-Ralph, you surely are going to get more irritated and stressed. It does not only effects your physical, but mental health too.

They say

“Clutter in your physical surroundings will clutter your mind and spirit.”

I know, I know. Now you must be thinking that’s right but how to declutter my house.

Enough with the small talks!

Let’s come to the very point. What do you need to do to declutter your house?
Let us begin:

1. Rock paper scissors!

First of all, analyze your house and pick a room to start with. After that, select a corner. It could be a rack, a cupboard, a wardrobe or a desk. Anything! The first thing you will have to do is just start! And things will automatically fall in place.

2. Categorize your material:

woman with box

The next thing you need to do is classifying your items into different piles. You can use boxes for this purpose to create less mess and to put away things quickly. Now a lot one box for the things you use in your daily life. One for the things that you bought three years ago thinking that this will come in handy sometime but did not. It will not come in handy. Trust me. One box will be for rubbish. Because there will be a lot of rubbish lying there, you did not know about. Or maybe did. Get rid of anything that you do not crucially need and is just sitting there.

3. About that second box:

Now take that second box, and further divide them up to two piles. One to throw away and the other to give away.

As they say “To donate is better than to accumulate.”

Whenever you put things into that pile, ask yourself that is it really going to be useful or is it going to sit there for another five years? You will know the answer yourself. The things that cannot be used throw them away but the things that are usable, donate them to people who might use them. If you are short on pocket money, you can carry out a garage sale too. People will get things at a reasonable price, and you can get something out of the things that were just a mere mistake coming into your house.

4. The “to keep” things:

Dog in the box

Now let’s come to the first box you made. The one having things that you use in your regular life and are really necessary. By now your stuff will be about half of what you began with. Now you have to arrange your stuff in such a way that acquires the least space but remains organized and does not take you much time to access it. For example, if you are arranging your desk, put the papers you write on in a corner. All your stationery in a good mug or box. Next, arrange the decoration pieces if any in such a way so that they do not cause a disturbance while accessing anything else. Keep the arrangement simple so that it stays that way for a long time.

5. Do not get over-excited:

This is important. Do not open everything at once while getting exciting about cleaning. You will get tired after a while and will not want to touch what is left undone. Go step by step. When you are done with one thing, then start with the next so that neither your house is a big mess when someone enters your house. Nor you get yourself stressed about such a big mess to clean.

6. Keep it that way you freak!

Living room

Once you get rid of all the things, you do not need in your house. Do not; I repeat DO NOT fill your home again. When out for shopping you may find a lot of attractive things to purchase and take them with you but don’t. Please don’t. Purchase only the things that you crucially need. For example, do not buy a lipstick because you think it is cute knowing you would not use it because the colour does not suit you. Do not buy that trendy cardigan and end up dumping it in your closet because you look fat in it. Save yourself a few dollars and buy yourself a new damn laptop or go on a vacation.

7. Beware of your miser side:

While throwing all that junk out, your miser side is continuously going to tell you, do not throw that jar, you can store something in it, don’t throw that ring, you can paint it again, don’t throw that ball, you can make something out of it, don’t throw that balm, it has a nice scent though its expired. Please shut that off. Do not let it fool you again like the past many years. If crafting is not your thing, do not accumulate things IN CASE you feel crafty. You need to be clear about what you want and what you do not. There is no space for maybe’s and maybe not’s. Uhuh! That isn’t happening.

8. What more can you get rid of:

You have to get rid of not only junk. But things that give off negative energy. That mentally disturb you. Like a photo frame, or a cup or even a bracelet. Get rid of all those negative thoughts, of all those memories that make you sad and start your life from fresh new beginnings. On new terms and big goals. Clear your mind, declutter your heart, your soul, your inner self. Let go of grudges ad your bad past. Embrace yourself for who you are. Work on yourself. Do not worry about useless stuff and things you cannot change. Be true to who you are, to people who love you. declutter your life of people who are toxic for you.

You might also want to get rid of all the DVDs you have piled up. The old magazines you thought would help while decorating your table or designing your new shirt. Mobile phone cables, worn-out players, the board games with half of the cards left with two houses. The old registers with solved mathematical equations you thought your younger brother could use through his high school. Like come on, he already has a lot to take in; he would not even look at it. Open up your medicine box and sort out all the expired medicines and throw them away. Get rid of perfume bottles you do not use anymore, or the kitchenware that is just an extra to your kitchen.

happy people, dog

These were some of the very simple steps you could follow in cleaning out your house. Next time you won’t have to ask how to declutter my house, you will know. No more fuss about finding the matching socks. Get your life, your home and your mind sorted and focus on more important things rather than finding the bill receipts from a flood of papers. Get your life sorted by visiting the online course. Do leave comments to tell us how you felt about it and to help more people out there. Do let us know if you have any suggestions and how it helped you.

Give more time to treat your kids and families rather than finding the matching trousers or finding the blue watch that goes perfectly with your jacket. Classify your priorities and eliminate all that causes you unnecessary stress. I hope you found this article informative. Take care, peeps!