Do you have a knack for crunching numbers, great attention to detail, and excellent organizational skills? calculatorDo you fancy a career in the world of finance? If this sounds like you, becoming an accountant or bookkeeper might be an ideal fit for you. All it takes to get your foot into this rewarding industry is a bit of drive and dedication, as well as proper training.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at 5 proven ways an accounting and bookkeeping course can do wonders for your career in this field.

1) Acquire the Right Skills

Bookkeeping and accounting are a crucial part of today’s business operations. A good accounting and bookkeeping course will help you hone the skills that are required to keep the business healthy and profitable. These skills include tax preparation and reporting; recording cash flow; ledger reconciliation; banking, and maintaining debtor & creditor accounts. More importantly, you will learn how to use accounting/bookkeeping software to make sure that every financial aspect of the business is up to scratch.

2) Increased Employment Options

Accountant front of laptop All businesses, small or large, have to stay on top of their books as per the law. That’s why qualified bookkeepers and accountants are usually in high demand. In the UK, for instance, there are well over 44,000 accountancy and bookkeeping companies, with a projected growth of around 5% in the next decade. This is despite increasing digitization and AI in the world of business.

What does this mean for those who decide to take accounting courses? It implies that you will not only have more opportunities but having a certification and better training will also help you stand out in a sea of competition. In other words, a good bookkeeping course will spruce up your employability.

3) You can become your own Boss

woman with calculatorIt’s no secret that highly qualified and trained accountants & bookkeepers have the flexibility and tools to chart their own career path. More specifically, you can easily establish a private practice and become your own boss. Or, you could have a permanent position and still work on freelance terms … your possibilities are truly unlimited.

4) Keep up with the Latest Bookkeeping and Accounting Software

When you take an accredited bookkeeping course, you will be able to perk up your accounting & bookkeeping credentials as well as stay up-to-date with the latest software.  With a certification, you will prove without much hassle to employers that you are conversant with key accounting & bookkeeping software required to start managing their accounts and books immediately.

So whether you want to wow interviewers with your software proficiency or make your CV stand out, accredited accounting courses will have you covered.

5) Earn More

calculator glass papers If you are looking to add a few figures to your paycheck, an accounting or bookkeeping course is for you. Even entry-level salaries for qualified bookkeepers are not too shabby. In countries like the UK, you can expect a boost of around £21,000 in your bank account every month. When you take advanced accounting courses, you have the potential of earning up to £50,000 or more depending on your reputation, experience, and size of the firm.