Inspired by the influential power of Tony Robbins, Robin Sharma, Brian Tracy, Deepak Chopra? Do you wish to know the requirements to become a life coach?

Life can be harsh, the roller-coaster ride can teach us various lessons, but how can you transfer the life-lessons you’ve learnt to the audience?

How can you help your followers transform the dynamics of their careers and lives simply by changing the thought processes?

And the greatest question is how can you become an influential person, speaker, or life coach?

Life coaching is the second-fastest growing industry globally. Life coaching is a highly-satisfying career where you help people achieve success with high earnings as rewards. If you wish to become a certified life-coach and contemplating on how to get started, this article is the perfect read for you to find out the best way to become a life coach.

7 Requirements to Be A Life Coach

Becoming a life coach needs you to fulfill certain requirements to gain an edge over the other life coaches around you. What matters the most is to have that influential power over the others, but would education or a degree suffice?

Here’s what you need to acquire to become a life-transforming coach:

1. Get a Degree or Complete a Training Program

men and women wearing black and white graduation dress and mortar cap inside building representing the best way to become a life coachChanging mind-sets of troubled souls, bringing them back on track, and providing targeted solutions (that they are seeking) is a huge responsibility. It requires specialized training and constant learning—trainings, certifications, and courses—to hone your personal skills. But, equally important is your one-on-one experience with the potential clients.

As part of the specialized training program, you will learn psychological coaching principles, procedure of conduction of coaching assessments to find out client needs, primary ethics of a coach, and influential aspect of communication skills.

Look for a program that’s accredited with industry associations such as the International Coach Federation.

2. Determine the Area of Specialization

As a life coach, you can choose from a myriad of niches and target a specified types of clients. Be sure of what challenges each niche will bring towards you, and what kind of expertise or strategies are required to win customer’s confidence.
Here is a range of area of specializations for you to master as a life coach:

  • Financial Advisor
  • Career counsellor
  • Relationship Coach
  • Leadership Coach
  • Entrepreneurship Coach
  • Academic Coach
  • Business Advisor/Motivator
  • Psychological Health Healer
  • Spiritual Coach
  • Mental Health Coach
  • Personal Motivator/Coach
  • Stress Management Coach
  • Overall Wellbeing Coach
  • Divorce/Marriage Counsellor
  • Health Advisor/Weight-loss Coach

You can help your clients at various turning points in their lives.

  • If you can successfully motivate others to achieve their personal or professional goals;
  • if you can influence them to get off their bed and start working;
  • if you can help them out based on your personal experiences;
  • if you can provide your clients with practical solutions (not the short-term ones);

you can become an influential life coach.

3. Get a Life Coach Certification

Gaining a certification is the best way to become a life coach.

Once you have earned the specified education and have an urge to become a help people out, you should become a certified life-coach to gain an extra edge. While looking for a certification program, be sure to buy a premium international certification that is globally recognized by government and private organisations.

ExpertRating Online Life Coach Certification will equip you with an in-depth knowledge to enter the realm of Life Coaching, such as:

  1. Building a coaching vision
  2. Helping with goal setting
  3. Active listening skills
  4. Communication skills
  5. Ethical guidelines

woman standing between library book shelves representing how to find the requirements to be a life coachNot only that, upon completion, you will receive a logo, a certification, and an online transcript to display in your office to win the confidence of your client.

Most importantly, ExpertRating is associated with the most renowned companies around the world such as IKEA Systems, Deltek Corp, Sony, Citrix, etc.

Although earning a degree or education is among the life coach certification requirements, you can still become a life coach by earning a globally recognized certification and personal skillsets.

4. Develop a Coaching Vision

Begin developing a coaching vision.

As a life coach, you have to have a vision of your personal expertise, the potential clients, and ways of helping them.

If you have the aptitude of becoming a life coach, the best way to set sails of your journey is having a clear vision of the upcoming challenges and obstacles.

If you know how to overcome your life obstacles, set up your business, make an earning out of your problems, you can help, counsel, and coach others around you for sure.

To develop a clear and unique vision of a coach, here’s what you need to determine:

  • What are your personal strengths and areas of interests that can help others with their lives?
  • What are the potential problems your target audience will want you to solve or guide about?
  • What kind of motivation is required by your ideal client?
  • How much money/contentment/peace they wish to earn and the hours of effort they would like to put in?
  • Do they have realistic goal sets?
  • How to prepare them for potential stumbling objects and teach them to overcome?

Once you have a clear vision of all the above questions, you can tailor your motivational/life-enhancing course accordingly. Right from the beginning till the end, you can perfect the errors more appropriately.

Apart from that, be clear of what are the potential pitfalls in client’s way? Is it self-reservation like low self-esteem, lack of confidence, fear of rejection or failure, lack of motivation, or lack of proper communication skills?

5. Start Marketing Your Business

white printing paper with Marketing Strategy text representing one of life coach certification requirementOnce you’ve designed your course and are ready to influence the life of people around you, you can start applying the marketing strategies.

You need to effectively advertise and promote your life-coaching business and help people around you. The most ideal and happy clients are sure-fire ways of bringing in more clients. Spread the message among your friends and family members to let people know who are in need of a help.

However, while marketing, it’s better to be really specific about your area of expertise.

6. Sell Your Business

As an expert, you have earned the globally-recognized certification, prepared a life coaching course, and have found the potential clients.

In your first meeting, clients would wish you to consult you about their problems instead of listening to what you can do for them. If you will successfully counsel them financially or non-financially, your clients would be drooling in for more.

Apart from that, due to high competition level, if you can publish a book that details the practical strategies; you can earn a name quite fast due to online buzz.

Moreover, you can coach people online on different platforms to attract the potential clients for personal consultations. You can approach various companies, schools, organizations to arrange seminars and workshops to gain customers

7. Build Your Skills

Life coaching is a process of constant learning and teaching. In fact, it is a way of life.Taking up the latest life coaching courses online and offline to understand the changing dynamics of society and potential clients is necessary.

Otherwise, over time, your client can find your strategies ineffective when he cannot solve his new kind of problems with your obsolete solutions.

The more versatile your equipment are, the better would be your ability to handle your client’s modified challenges.

Benefits of Becoming a Life Coach

woman sitting on yellow armless chair near gray laptop computer and give a coach session to another womanOver the years, due to recession and growing psychological issues, life coaches are highly sought-after people in the community.

Based on your effective communication skills and leadership abilities, if you are thinking to choose life coaching as a perfect career for you; then, join in the clan of those fulfilling the life coaching certification requirements to enhance their expertise.

Building a career as a life-coach benefits you by:

  • Providing self-satisfaction
  • Satisfying your human need to help others
  • Learning to communication, lead, and influence positively
  • Earning a fairly great revenue over the years

Life Coach Salary and Job Scope

As per estimation, a median salary range for life coaches is about $46,678. The growing life coaching business demonstrates that the life coaches can charge up to $300 per hour based on their training, experience, certifications. Life coaches working within business organisations can earn up to $500 per hour based on their expertise.

As a life coach, you don’t only learn to influence and help; but, you have to learn to sell your self—your ideas.

Once you have acquired the requirements to be a life coach, you can excel in the business of changing minds and expand your job scope over the years.

Final Verdict

If you are someone who possess the power to influence the minds of others positively, don’t waste your powers. Become a life coach, one of the fastest growing business around the world and one of the highly sought-after person in the present community.

If you are unsure of whether you should opt to fulfill the requirements to become a life coach, you can simply take up an online Life Coach Certification to understand the dynamics of the business. Undoubtedly, you wouldn’t regret your decision if you know that you are meant for this!

Have you ever acquired a life coaching certification? How did it enhance the vision of your life?