My name is Gabor Kristof and I am a Mechanical Engineer who is currently working as Continuous Improvement Engineer. I am a goal oriented person who believes that you can only achieve success in life when you help others in achieving their goals.

Today, there are several things that we can learn online through short courses so, with the help of this website I am making an effort to provide all the information about different online courses that can help people in learning new skills. I am keen towards learning new things and sharing everything that I have learned and this website would be basically the platform where I will share all that knowledge.


My only goal in making this website is to help people in different interests to find the perfect training to reach their success and/or career goal. It’s not easy to be perfect in a skill but when we get a helping hand then the whole path can turn out to be quite easy and with the support of this website, I want to be that helping hand for all the people who are into learning something new.

There will be knowledge about different categories of courses on this website so that majority of people can know about their online courses at just one place. The categories that I will mostly focus on would be Personal Development, Business & Careers, IT & Software, Design, Lifestyle and Teaching.


My inspiration behind creating this website and providing the online learning is to keep myself updated with all the new technology and to spread knowledge that I already had. In the past, I bought and completed lots of different online training and I believe that the technology can help to everyone who wants to learn and who decides to change their life.

Today, everyone is more into learning online rather than going to an institute and take those long hours classes. So, to provide a better knowledge about all the online learning courses and to keep everyone updated with the technology, I created this website and I really hope that every person will surely get to know a lot about the online courses through this website that will help them in choosing the best courses according to their field.

At the end, I would just like to state that we must always try to gain and share knowledge because I am one of those who believes in the fact that an investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

Happy Learning!


Founder of Online Learning Corp