What’s challenging is not just to wake up but to find out how to boost energy in the morning! The saying ‘an early bird catches the worm’ suggests the idea that success comes to those who begin their day before others do. If you wish to change your morning routine, is it achievable? Yes, it is!

Successful people around the world have the habit of rising as early as 4 am. What’s the point of raising earlier? The earlier you complete your major or minor task, the lighter would you feel the rest of the day.

Successful CEOs have the habit of answering the emails and letters right in the morning before hitting the gymnasium. Although coffee plays a part in early rising, it doesn’t mean you have to rely on energy-boosting drinks or fast foods.

Undoubtedly, Monday mornings and winter days are the hardest to begin. Additionally, late Sunday nights add fuel to the fire.

What’s the usual strategy followed by every common man around the globe? Put the alarm on snooze, wait till the last minute, rush through the preparation for office, and skip the breakfast to be on time. What a stressful start, have you ever thought about it?

More terrible is that on the way to the office, we are ‘fully’ occupied with the TO-DO lists of the entire day. We are strategizing how to make a way past the workload, instead of getting excited about what’s come!

Here are a bunch of Lifestyle changes that you MUST ADOPT to boost energy in the morning:


1. Sleep Well

woman sleeping on bed beside book an example for sleep wellYour mind needs rest, no matter how relaxed and energetic your previous day has been. The last day has no impact on your new day.

To give your day a fresh start, you need to sleep early and adequately. Sleeping under a stressful situation or with a stressful thought can impact your first thoughts in the morning as the mind always begins with where you left the previous day.

As per a Ph.D. psychologist and director of Sleep Disorder Centre at Henry Ford Hospital, the level of alertness of the human mind depends highly upon the quality sleep he gets at night.

If you have trouble sleeping, I highly recommend to prepare your bed and unwind your mind for some time before you finally fall asleep.

2. Set the Favourite Music on Your Alarm Clock

The usual sound of alarm clocks is irritating and can trigger feelings of anxiety and stress. Moreover, the repeated alarm sounds to increase the stress level as the time comes nearer. That’s an entirely wrong concept that you should revise!

Have you ever thought of putting your favorite music on the alarm clock? Even if the song repeatedly plays in the morning, it might welcome you to start moving and dance on the beat of it.

After all, we all have particular feelings associated with different kinds of music. Therefore, beware of putting up only the ‘motivating songs’ on the alarm clock.

3. Drink Coffee to Wake Up Your Mind

woman wearing white shirt holding ceramic cup while smiling inside roomIn the morning, we all feel tired and slow during the first two hours, primarily if we work from home. Such feelings promoted decreased productivity and extended periods spent on every task.

A cup of coffee or tea within the first 15 minutes of waking up can immediately freshen up your mind. Caffeine boosts your energy levels quickly and makes it easier for you to get to work.

As per Fiona Tuck, a renowned nutritionist, coffee stimulates the brain by alerting the mind and providing an instant source of energy. Therefore, sip on your coffee early in the morning and breathe in the fresh air on your terrace. Five minutes of calmness in the morning is going to pay off for the rest of the day.

However, excessive caffeine can cause anxiety, headaches, irritability, shakiness, and even insomnia.

4. Face the Light

Be in the limelight right from the morning, pull up the shades, and let the sunlight welcome you with warm rays.

An early dose of sunshine can increase alertness and energy levels. Absorb some vitamin D to boost your energy levels.

As per a Japanese study, 16 women showed better signs of wakefulness and alertness after sitting near to a window for over 30 minutes as compared to those sitting under the artificial lights. The energy boost lasted for hours.

5. Cold Water Splashes or Bath

Recently, ice water facial has gained increasing popularity. Not only will it close the open pores in your skin, but it will also wake up your sleepy head.

If you don’t care about your skin, it’s alright. But, at least 10 minutes of ordinary to cold water shower is necessary.

6. Start Moving

Around the world, successful people have a habit of early morning exercise routine, yoga, or morning walk. Boost your energy levels with magnificent morning activity. It gives your body time to prepare your brain – the greatest weapon in your arsenal – for the day ahead.

Moreover, it regulates the hormones within the body; thus, preventing mood swings. It’s a considerable activity to calm your mind, increase your focus, and have a little bit of pep-talk with yourself to deal with an ‘unforeseen day’ ahead.

7. Meditate

If you have no time to go out, start meditating. You must be focused, alert, prepared, and well-composed to start your day.

On the contrary, a stressful start leads to energy drainage before you even begin your day. Meditation is all about conserving your energy and increasing it for the rest of the day.

You can opt for meditation at any time in the middle of the day as well.

8. Drink Water before Sleeping and After Waking Up

clear drinking glass on tableDrinking plenty of water before sleeping is one easy trick for lazy butts. You’ll feel the urge to go to the bathroom first thing in the morning and would be getting up from the bed before the alarm would buzz.

However, drink a limited amount of water, or else your sleep pattern would get disrupted, causing morning headaches.

Sipping on a glass or two of water first thing in the morning before even taking your coffee or tea is an excellent detoxification strategy.

Proper hydration in the morning not only alerts your mind but wakes up your stomach as well to increase the craving for breakfast. Therefore, you wouldn’t be wanting to skip your breakfast before heading to your office.

If you can’t drink plain water as it’s tasteless and unattractive, you can choose some healthy juices. There are quite healthy juicing recipes for people with diabetes, heart patients, and obese people.

9. Have a Healthy Breakfast

A protein-based breakfast is the best choice as the fibers would provide you energy throughout the day. Protein is to make you feel satiated and fuller without increasing the blood sugar levels.

A lot of people begin their day with energy drinks, fast foods, or gluten-based foods. In the case of gluten foods, it’s essential to know if you are gluten-intolerant or not. If you are, you MUST stay away from such foods early in the morning as your digestive system will invest all your energy in processing such foods. Thus, you’d feel drained and suffer other symptoms of gluten-intolerance.

Whole-grain cereal with low-fat milk; granola bars, a handful of nuts, and low-fat yogurt with berries; whole-grain toast with a banana and peanut butter are different breakfast choices.

If you are beginning with a vegan lifestyle, that’s the best part. Your breakfast would stuff with energizing proteins to keep you going the entire day.

10. Try Hatha Breathing

Have you ever heard about different breathing techniques that mean to relieve stress and boost energy? Hatha breathing is one effective breathing that offers quick bouts of energy.

You can try it out whenever you are feeling drained or stressed-out – before an interview, meeting, or your big day.

Hatha breathing includes short and quick exhalations of up to 30 breathes, focusing mainly on the diaphragm. Three repetitions of Hatha breath will show you visible effects in terms of energy levels and stress levels as well.

11. Herbal tea

person holding teapot pouring up on glass mugIf you are not a coffee or tea person, the best drink other than juices or shakes is herbal tea. A strong cup of peppermint tea right in the dawn time is uplifting and rejuvenating.

The energy provided by a herbal tea isn’t going to last for an hour, leaving your body lethargic afterward. Instead, it kicks starts your overall energy response and also boosts the antioxidant intake.

The healthier you eat, the healthier you’d feel, and the better would be your overall energy levels.

12. Essential Oils

Fragrances are uplifting whether they are of natural flowers in the garden or the extracted oils from them. Aromatherapy is superb at fixing your moods and reducing the stress, and anxiety levels felt in the mornings.

Put in a few drops of essential oils in your bathtub to relax your body and mind. Rosemary smell is excellent to stimulate your mental energy. Eucalyptus and peppermint scents increase the focus, alertness, and boost your body in the morning.

Why not sniff the orange peel to improve the alertness level and reduce anxiety instead.

Final Verdict

Whatever you may wish to adopt into your life, they are right answers to how to boost energy in the morning.

Let us know in the comments about your secret to boosting your energy in the morning.